RTC Razor Pro Push Tile Cutter

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RTC Razor Pro Tile Cutter is Italian-made, European cutting technology for a domestic price!

1 cutter / pack (Cutter available in 22’, 26”, 31”, 35”, 52” sizes)

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Item No.: TC22PRO

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Item No.: TC26PRO

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Item No.: TC31PRO

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Item No.: TC35PRO

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Item No.: TC52PRO

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Item No.: TCBAG

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The RTC Razor Pro Single Bar Push Tile Cutters combines multiple elements of European technology including a unique cutting head with 11 internal ball bearings for a smooth precise movement across the rail; a rear mounted scoring wheel for improved vision of the score line all the way through the cut; and a cantilever breaking design that allows greater force to be applied with less effort reducing material damage when engaging. The RTC Razor Pro Single Bar Push Tile Cutters features a 22mm scoring wheel that works well on a variety of surfaces including textured tile, spring loaded tables to reduce impact, fold-out support arms on each side for large and heavy material.


A porcelain cutter with ultimate performance and power, the RTC Razor Pro Push tile cutter is one of the most well-reviewed cutters on the market. Accurate and consistent, the machine defines accuracy in cutting. Razor Pro owes its reputation to its excellent smooth cutting, accuracy and of course power. The machine can cut accurately through super-hard porcelain. Where normal cutters falter, this machine runs smoothly through tiles like butter. For porcelain, surface tile and other hard surfaces, this cutters offers the most accurate and linear scoring line.

The RTC Razor tile cutter owes its accuracy and powerful performance to its core technology. The machine is designed with select elements of European technology. It is one of the very few cutters in the market that sports 11 internal ball bearings in its cutting head. This enables it to move precisely and smoothly along the rails.

The Italian tile cutter features a scoring wheel at the back which is mounted to facilitate visibility. The score line can be seen clearly from the rear end. To make cutting easier, the machine is designed with cantilever breaking which ensures that maximum force is applied at very little effort. This does two things. First it requires the operator to apply very little effort, and second it reduces the material damage at the time of cutting.

Top Features of the RTC Razor Tile Cutter

The RTC Razor Pro Push Tile Cutter has a ton of mentionable features. To cut it short, here are some of the best features of the cutter.

  • This machine features a unique cutting head. The cutting head is equipped with 11 pieces of ball bearings. These bearings enable movement and ensure precision of cutting.
  • Snapping tile with a cutter is a tricky thing, but not with the RTC Razor Pro. With its advanced cantilever, the hardest of the tiles can be snapped easily and precisely.
  • Precision is the of this machine. For this, the cutter uses a single steel bar. This bar ensures that the machine delivers precision when cutting.
  • For lower impact while cutting, the machine is fitted with spring loaded tables. These tables absorb the shock and vibration efficiently letting the cutter hold a steady course.
  • The RTC Razor Pro has a couple of support arms on either sides. These arms are great to support materials that are both bulky and big. The arms are also foldable which allows them to be collapsed when not in use.
  • The RTC Razor Pro is equipped with a scoring wheel 22mm in size. This scoring wheel makes it possible for the cutter to work with equal efficacy on a large number of surfaces of varying hardness. This includes textured tiles too.

The Razor Pro comes in models – Razor Pro 52 inch large format tile cutter, Razor Pro 22 inch tile cutter, Razor Pro 35 inch tile cutter and Razor Pro 31 inch tile cutter.

  • RTC Razor Pro Push Tile Cutter is Single bar design for accuracy and strength
  • Cutting head houses 11 ball bearings for smooth, precise movement
  • RTC Razor Pro Push Tile Cutter is 22mm scoring wheel works well on variety of surfaces including textured tile
  • RTC Razor Pro Push Tile Cutter has cantilever breaking system makes snapping tile easy
  • RTC Razor Pro Single Bar Push Cutter is spring loaded tables reduce impact
  • Fold out, side support arms to easily handle large and heavy tiles
  • RTC Razor Pro Tile Cutter is convenient carrying bag with shoulder strap available

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    This my 35inch has been working for 5 years and will still cut 1 inch diagonals.

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