RTC Ultimate HorseShoe Spacers


Ideal for vertical stone and large format tile installations!

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Item No.: SPC116SHOE

attribute_pa_size: 116-ultimate-horseshoe-spacer-1000-pc

Item No.: SPC116SHIM

attribute_pa_size: 116-ultimate-horseshoe-spacer-400-pc

Item No.: SPC14SHOE

attribute_pa_size: 14-ultimate-horseshoe-spacer-1000-pc

Item No.: SPC14SHIM

attribute_pa_size: 14-ultimate-horseshoe-spacer-150pc

Item No.: SPC18SHOE

attribute_pa_size: 18-ultimate-horseshoe-spacer-1000-pc

Item No.: SPC18SHIM

attribute_pa_size: 18-ultimate-horseshoe-spacer-300-pc

Item No.: SPC316SHIM

attribute_pa_size: 316-ultimate-horseshoe-spacer-220-pc

Item No.: SPC316HSHIM

attribute_pa_size: 116-ultimate-horseshoe-spacer-1000-pc

Item No.: SPC316SBOX

attribute_pa_size: 316-ultimate-horseshoe-spacer-1000-pc

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The solid rigid plastic construction of the RTC HorserShoe Spacers will not compress thereby ensuring perfect joints spacing making them ideal for vertical stone and large format tile installations. When ready to grout, the RTC HorserShoe Spacers can be easily removed and reused.

  • Ideal for vertical and large format tile installations
  • Solid plastic construction prevents compression ensuring uniform joints
  • Spacer can be easily removed and reused
  • Conveniently color coded for easy size identification


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