Best Professional Tile Cutters 2019

Best Professional Tile Cutters 2019

When you are laying tiles on any part of your house, shop, or office, you must know that the tiles come in standard sizes, packed in boxes. But the same size of tile might not be the right fit in every part of the tile installation area. It is often required to cut the standard sized tiles into smaller pieces. That is when you need a professional tile cutter. When you log on to the internet to find the best tile cutter, you might be confused by the large number of options available. This short blog is an attempt to bring you a list of five of thebest professional tile cutter 2019.

Best professional tile cutter 2019:


 Primo Slim Body Tile Cutter

This is probably the smallest and lightest of the five tools reviewed here. It can even be folded up and kept in its carrying case once your work is done. It can make diagonal cuts of up to 16”, even though it weighs just 11 lbs. The cutting wheel is made of tungsten alloy, adding to its ability to cut through tiles effortlessly.

 Primo Professional Tile Cutter Big Red

You can use this product to cut through porcelain, granite, and double loaded tiles up to ¾” thick. This is called Big Red because it can handle tough jobs easily. The heavy duty single bar provides the most precise cutting you would want. Any angle between -45° and +45° is handled by the Big Red for diagonal cuts of up to 37”. The Big Red is available in different sizes as per your need.

Primo Cast Aluminum Tile Cutter

This Primo product is the best blend of high quality and economical price. You get perfect results with the 2-bar design of this 13” tile cutter. The machine is built on an aluminum base, making it light to carry and use, without losing any effectiveness.

DTA Boss Professional Tile Cutter

You get a really professional tool when you buy this tool. It has a rigid I-beam, which helps in getting precision to the highest degree. There is a four position titanium wheel (adjustable) that can help you work on the hardest materials. The rubber grip helps you get great control while using the tool. You can choose from among five available sizes.

RTC Razor Pro Push Tile Cutter

You get the best of efficient European cutting technology with this tool. There are as many as 11 ball bearings inside the cutting head. This ensures that the cutting head glides effortlessly across the tile surface. Another useful feature is the scoring wheel. This allows you to have a clear line of vision of the score line.



We did study a large number of tile cutters before creating this list, but it is by no means exhaustive. There are many more products available in the market. Also, the above list has not been arranged in any particular order. Finally, this blog doesn’t mention the prices, but we can say that this list of five covers almost every price range, to help you choose one which fits in your budget.

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