Preformed Shower Trays: A Key Component of Walk-In Showers

When installing a walk-in shower, there are many things to consider. The tile color, patterning, shower head placement, and a number of other items are all important factors of a beautifully installed shower. One of the most important decisions you will need to make with your client is that of the preformed shower tray. A […]

Stone Sealer Vs Stone Enhancer

After installing stone in a home, it’s important to maintain the color and quality of the natural stone. In order to get the most from the investment, it’s crucial to prevent damage occurring to the new natural stone installation. This is done by applying a natural stone sealer and a natural stone enhancer. Both are […]

fila stone care products Taking Care of Natural Stone with Fila Stone Care Products

Natural stone walls, floors, and counters can be a beautiful additional to the home, and really act as a focal point of each room. Natural stone is incredibly versatile, and when taken proper care of it will last for years. Some fantastic natural stones to use in the home include marble, travertine, granite, slate, and […]