How to Install Glass Tiles How to Install Glass Tiles

Owing to their beauty, durability, and versatility, glass tiles are gaining tremendous popularity over their ceramic counterparts. Yes, glass tiles are indeed pricey, but the handcrafted, artistic look that it lends to your interiors is worth the price. Installing glass tiles is undoubtedly a great DIY- project, but how to install glass tile is a […]

How to Install Tile Floor How to Install Tile Floor?

How to install tile floors is a question that is too often asked by DIY enthusiasts. While it is true that tile floor installation is not rocket science, it is also true that this kind of installation requires some level of skill, knowledge, and most importantly patience. A perfectly clean and precise tile floor installation […]

How to grout subway tile How to grout subway tile?

A tiling project comes in 3 parts – preparing your drywall for tiling purposes, tiling the surface, and finally, you do the grouting. So, grouting is the final step of any tile installation project. Grouting is the final touch that you give to your tiling project and so it is crucial. Even the most perfect […]

How to Fix Discolored Tiles on The Shower Floor How to Fix Discolored Tiles on The Shower Floor?

Owing to their classy look, easy-cleaning and high durability floor tiles are undoubtedly the best. But after a little wear and tear they start losing their liuster; they fall victim to dirt, stains, and discoloration making your interiors look dingy and shabby. it’s the bathroom tiles that suffer the first round of discoloration because of […]

How to Use Self-Leveling Underlayment How to Use Self-Leveling Underlayment

Had you been thinking of renovating your floors for quite some time now, then it’s the right time for you to go ahead and get that done. No need to worry about the wonky state of your main floor and the cost involved to flatten it out. With all kinds of DIY products available in […]

What Type of Thinset to Use When Tiling Over Tiles What Type of Thinset to Use When Tiling Over Tiles?

Tiling over tile is a tricky job, and without the right product it is a fool’s errand. Although tiling over tile is not a highly recommended thing, sometimes it’s done in unavoidable circumstances. Tiling experts advise people to get rid of their existing tiles completely before laying new tiles, but sometimes, that job turns out […]

How to Tile Around a Square Shower Drain How to Tile Around a Square Shower Drain?

Ceramic is the most durable type of tile you can find in the market. These man-made tiles are the best choice for office settings where traffic is high. These are equally great for homes where durability is a priority. Square tiles are easy to lay on square spaces, on walls, on floors, etc. But oftentimes […]

Common Mistakes in the Placement of Ceramic Tiles Common Mistakes in the Placement of Ceramic Tiles

One of the most popular options of home improvement is tiling and a lot of people these days are going for it to spruce up their home interiors and exteriors. But tiling projects are not without their challenges. As easy as it seems, there are some hiccups along the way that are more common than […]