What is the best tool to remove old caulk What is the best tool to remove old caulk?

If you’ve ever attempted to remove old caulk from a shower or bathtub, you know it can be a pain. Oftentimes, it seems impossible to get the caulk to budge no matter how hard you try. This is especially true if the caulk has been there for years or if someone has applied it incorrectly. […]

How To Remove Bleach Stains from Bathroom Tiles How To Remove Bleach Stains from Bathroom Tiles

  Understanding the Difference between Cleaning and Bleaching Cleaning and bleaching are two different processes. Cleaning involves removing dirt, dust, and grime from a surface using water, detergent, and some physical effort. Bleaching, on the other hand, is a powerful disinfectant that is used to kill germs and bacteria. Bleach is a highly effective cleaner […]

What Size Trowel for Tile How to Select the Best Trowel Size

When installing tile, it’s important to have the correct tools. Having the right tools not only makes the installation easier but helps it go faster – and who doesn’t want to save themselves time and effort? Trowels are essential tools for various construction and renovation projects. But, choosing the right trowel size can be overwhelming, […]

How to lay Mosaic Tiles How to lay Mosaic Tiles?

Mosaic tiles are not ready-made tiles; but a layer of small pieces of differently colored stones, metals, and glass to create different patterns and designs on walls or floors by mounting these on a 1’x1′ size net or sheet. The method of installing mosaic tiles is similar to that of other tiles made from ceramic, […]

Which Tile Underlayment Options are Good for Your Project Which Tile Underlayment Options are Good for Your Project?

The quality and finish of tile installation largely depend on the type of subfloor. Subfloors, whether concrete or wood, needs some work to make them ready for tile installation. The subfloor surface must be flat and level without undulations and meet the industry standards according to ANSI specification A108.02- about subfloor surfaces.  The specification has […]

What kind of thermostat do I need for radiant floor heating?

Floor heating systems thrive on uniform heat distribution across the surface to provide the most comfortable feeling. The distributed heat, better known as radiant heat is a result of using the right types of thermostats for floor heating systems. Thermostats are energy-saving devices that help control the temperature and maintain it uniformly at a certain […]

What is the Best Floor Tile Cleaner What is the Best Floor Tile Cleaner?

Most floor cleaners are effective for cleaning various floors to maintain clean looks and hygiene but to clean floor tiles, you need special cleaners that can deeply clean the tile surfaces. Since not all floor cleaners are alike, you must choose only those most effective in cleaning floor tiles, including the grout lines.  Choosing floor […]

How to waterproof a shower floor before tiling How to waterproof a shower floor before tiling?

In general, a bathroom floor should be waterproofed before tiling. And when it comes to the shower floor, waterproofing goes without saying. Using a waterproof membrane and sealing the joints of the waterproof membrane are some of the ideal ways to protect the substrate from water and moisture. Also, it is imperative to seal the […]