Best Tile Cutters

Best Tile Cutters

Cutting tile is an important part of completing any tile flooring installation.

Making pieces fit together well takes skill, precision and the right tools.

At Tile Pro Depot, we sell the best tile cutters for small tiles so that you can complete your home renovations as smoothly as possible. We understand the importance of equipping you the right tools for the right project. Our tile cutter selection will ensure that you can do just that.

Here are a few of the top models that we offer:

  • RTC Razor Pro Push — The RTC Razor Pro Single Bar Push Cutters combines multiple elements of European technology including a unique cutting head with 11 internal ball bearings for a smooth precise movement across the rail; a rear mounted scoring wheel for improved vision of the score line all the way through the cut; and a cantilever breaking design that allows greater force to be applied with less effort reducing material damage when engaging.
  • Primo 13” Cast Aluminum — The Primo Cast Aluminum Tile Cutters are made using the same processes and quality standards as more expensive brands. The Primo Cast Aluminum Tile Cutter is a durable, professional grade, economy model featuring a 2-bar design built on a heavy-duty cast aluminum base and 13” tile cutter.
  • DTA Boss Professional Tile Cutter — The DTA Boss Pro Tile Cutters are built to meet the on-the-job cutting needs of the most demanding professional tile contractor. The DTA Boss Pro Tile Cutters is constructed with a rigid I-Beam for precision scoring and solid support when breaking tile and a four-position adjustable titanium wheel that easily scores the hardest of materials and is built to last.

Now that you have an idea of a few of the best tile cutters we offer, here are a few tips to ensure that using one of our tile cutters for your installation goes off without a hitch:

  • Measure Your Cut — It is critically important that you measure where you want to make your tile cut. An extra effort of measuring can save you a lot of hassle in the end.
  • Mark Your Measurement — If you have taken the time to measure where you want to slice your tile, it is important to not let that added effort go to waste. Mark your measurements before cutting your piece.
  • Line Up the Lever with Your Marking — Now it’s time to make your cut. Line up the cutter’s lever with your marking.
  • Push down on the Lever — After you properly align your piece, push down on your lever to make the break. This will slice your tile into two pieces.
  • Practice with Extra Tile — If you are cutting your tile flooring for the first time, it is a good idea to practice how your tile cutter performs. This can be done by using the extra tile pieces that will not be necessary for your installation.

For both the tile cutting know-how and tools, consult the professionals at Tile Pro Depot. Contact us today to get started.

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