The Differences Between Push and Pull Manual Tile Cutters

When it’s time to cut tile, you may ask yourself what the best tile cutter is – a pull tile cutter or a push tile cutter?

Differences Between Push and Pull Manual Tile Cutters

To help you make that decision, we’ve put together a list of advantages and disadvantages of each. Here they are:

Push Tile Cutter


  • The pulse and the arm move in a comfortable, natural way.
  • The arm movement is fluid and linear, and takes advantage of the levers by the handle in the most efficient way. This allows you to easily manage your incision power, which is great for tiles with non-regular or very strong surfaces.
  • The incision handle does not need to be repositioned to split the tile at the end of the cut – it’s immediately ready.
  • When cutting large tiles (greater than 50 inches), the incision handle becomes a natural arm extension. This allows you to finish the cut in the most advantageous position, not forcing you to use additional body movements or restart the cut.



  • The measurement square isn’t very near to the user.


Pull Tile Cutter


  • The measurement square is very near to the user. This allows you to more easily see where you’re cutting, ensuring you’re making the correct cut the first go around.



  • The pulse and the arm don’t move as naturally or smoothly.
  • It can be difficult to make incisions in tiles with non-regular or strong surfaces.
  • The incision handle needs to be repositioned after a cut to split the tile.


As you can see, both push and pull tile cutters have their advantages and disadvantages. Some professional tilers prefer the push cutter because it’s easier on the wrist and allows them to have more control, while others prefer the pull cutter because they can use their knee to stabilize the tile during a cut.

Ultimately, the tile cutter you choose should be the one you feel the most comfortable using, regardless of what most professionals prefer. Which type of manual cutter do you prefer? Why? We’d love to hear your responses below in the comments.

If you absolutely don’t know where to start, try out both options if you’re able. This way, you can give both a test drive to see which suits your working style the best. At Tile Pro Depot, we sell a variety of both push and pull manual tile cutters, so you’ll be sure to find what you’re looking for.

When you’re ready for your first or a brand new push or pull manual tile cutter, visit our website. Tile Pro Depot offers a number of different tile cutters to suit your every need. Our extensive list of product offerings ensures you’ll find everything you require for your tile installation, no matter the size or scope of the project.

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