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Fixtures for the Finishing Touches in a Bathroom

The bathroom area is the place in your home where you should spend the least amount of time. Bathroom activities are necessary, but they should not be complicated. To expedite these time-consuming processes, establish an organization system.

Shower Safety

An item worth considering for all-around shower safety is the Tileware radius grab bar. This product functions well and is especially useful for preventing falls. The grab bar can be installed with non-penetrating and non-intrusive means, which does not require woodblocking behind the wall. It will not affect waterproofing, plumbing or wiring since there is no drilling, compromising, puncturing or breakage involved during installation.

The Tileware Radius Grab Bar Kit includes all the tools needed for complete installation. The non-corrosive stainless steel PermaTile fastener holds with ten times the strength of a standard fastener. The fastener is attached to the thinset during installation with latex modified mortar. You can install the grab bar within the body of a tile or grout joint. Also, you can mount the accessory immediately after grouting. This encourages a quick turnaround where installation is required.

The product works with all standard tile products and thicknesses. It is a safety rail that provides flexibility and comfort. It has minimalistic styling, extraordinary strength and will not dislodge after extended use. The grab bar is built to withstand daily use and adds value to your shower. It is available in contemporary or traditional plated brass design.

Tileware Towel Bar

Another popular accessory for bathroom safety is the Tileware Towel Bar. It can be installed with thick cement, fiber and foam-core tile board materials. Installation of a Permatile fastener with a stabilizing bracket helps to firmly put this item into place. Do not proceed with accessory installation until thin-set mortar meets minimum curing requirements specified by the manufacturer.

During installation, we recommend the use of a level to ensure all fastener tiles are flat and lie on an identical plane. It should be installed securely into place with a layer of urethane caulk. Threaded studs are used to prevent the thinset mortar from corrupting threads and should not be removed until after grouting is complete. Also, make sure the screw and stud are parallel to avoid cross-threading. A stainless steel screw is patched onto the installation to prevent threads from reversing course or becoming loose. Always read the manufacturer’s installation instructions prior to installation.

When searching for finishing touches to add to your bathroom, Tile Pro Depot is the right place to go. We carry both radius grab bars and towel bars, as well as a variety of tileware bathroom accessories to ensure the job is done right the first time. We value time and are committed to responding quickly to your needs.

Visit our website to place an order, view our wide selection of products, and to read our blog for industry tips and latest practices. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us online or by phone at 844.751.2625.

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