How to Install a Stone Seat in a Tile Shower

How to Install a Stone Seat in a Tile Shower

If you are considering installing a stone seat in your shower, you have picked a beautiful feature to add to your bathroom. Shower seats are excellent additions to bathrooms. They let users sit while taking a shower or a steam bath. Pre-made sets are the best as they are ready to install. You bring them home and set them in. And your tile shower is all set and ready to be used. So, they do not require any on-site fabrication and are less work for the users. The best thing about these stone seats is that they can be installed in any shower, tile, stone, concrete, you name it. You can set these up at minimum work in any old or new shower. 

In this blog, we will see how a stone seat is installed effortlessly in a tile shower. 

Steps of Installation Stone Seat in a Tile Shower 

Whether you have chosen a granite seat or one made of marble, the steps to install it remain the same for all stone shower seats. Here is how to install a stone seat in a tile shower.

  • First, rough up the surfaces of the seat that will face the wall with the help of sandpaper. Rub the edges and corners of the back of the seat, where it will meet the wall with the paper. For stone seats, use something like a 60-grit paper. Now place it in a hand sander, and now get to scratching the sides. These scratches will help the stone seat bond optimally with the silicon. As soon as you finish doing the stone seat, your next job will be to sand the walls and floors. These will also include the areas where the stone seat will be installed. 
  • Now before you start with the installation, test fit the seat to see how everything goes. It is crucial and not an optional step because of two reasons. First, it’s imperative to understand and identify which way the shower floor slopes while installing props like a shower seat. So, if you have picked a spot on the wall which is not in plumb, you need to double-check it. Now, you are sure of which wall you want the seat to go on, the next thing to do is to check the seat level. To secure it in place, hammer in tiny shims below the seat where eyes don’t reach to make extra sure that the seat is set tightly and is at the correct level with the wall.
  • To complete the installation, put some silicone sealant at the edge of the stone seat, particularly the area where it will meet the wall and floor. An inch thicker so that when you put the seat in, the silicone placed within does not come squeezing out through the sides. Put more silicone into the interiors and do it in a zigzag pattern so that the silicone holds the seat in place without showing itself from the sides.
  • Now set the seat onto the wall as tightly as possible. The joints need to be promptly filled and sealed with grout so that the seat stays in place. Once that is done, you want to spread the grout out with the help of a trowel or float. Now give it 24 hours to dry and set fully. It may take a full day or longer. Until then, do not use the shower. 

With that, the stone seat will be perfectly fastened and secured in your tile shower. 

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