Keep Tile Level When Installing

How to Keep Tile Level When Installing

Installing a flat tile floor can seem like a daunting task. However, by using the right tools and properly applied techniques any homeowner can complete a tile installation that both looks and performs right. It is crucial that you know how to keep tile level when installing to ensure your job is done right. 

Tile comes in a wide variety of shapes, styles and patterns, so no matter your taste there is a tile to suit your aesthetic demands. Along with the versatile design options, tile flooring will last longer than other floor options. It is both durable and reliable as an option for the floors in your house. WHO MAKES THE BEST FLOOR TILE LEVELING SYSTEM?

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Avoiding Lippage

A common pitfall that many folks face when installing new tile in their home or business is lippage. Simply put, lippage is an uneven surface where tile pieces jut above adjacent tiles causing a vertical displacement. It is both unsightly and potential trip hazard for those around. In addition to causing a problem for you and others walking on the tile, lippage leaves tile vulnerable to damage. The exposed lipped edge of the tile can be susceptible to cracks and chips.

The key to avoiding lippage in your install is to start with a flat floor surface. This may sound tough to achieve, but there are a few things you can do before starting to help ensure your floor is flat:

  1. Find the Floor’s Inconsistencies — Before beginning your tile installation process, find the spots in the floor that dip or drop. This will be an area that you have to adjust for when laying your tile. Measure, with a yardstick, the distance of the dip to calculate how much you will need to fill in to make the floor level.
  2. Grind Down Ridges — If a portion of the floor juts out above the remaining parts, it needs to be leveled off. Do this with a grinder to bring the ridge level with the rest of the floor.
  3. Fill in Dips — To achieve a level floor, fill in the previously identified dips with mixed mortar. This will bring those low spots flush with the remaining portion of the floor.

Once you have a level floor, it is imperative that you continue with industry recommended leveling installation practices to ensure that the tile remain level. We recommend using a tile leveling system like the Spin Doctor. It will assist you in keeping your tile pieces flush throughout the installation.

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