Preformed Shower Trays: A Key Component of Walk-In Showers

When installing a walk-in shower, there are many things to consider. The tile color, patterning, shower head placement, and a number of other items are all important factors of a beautifully installed shower.

One of the most important decisions you will need to make with your client is that of the preformed shower tray.

A preformed shower tray’s most important purpose is that of preventing water leakage. Water tends to go wherever it’s able to, and once water starts flowing it’s difficult to stop it. A shower tray will ensure water flows where it’s supposed to go, and not out all over the floor of the bathroom.

Some shower trays are even designed in a way that manipulates the direction the water flows. Sloped shower trays will guarantee water flows straight to the drain by utilizing gravity.


Benefits of Using a Preformed Shower Tray

Preformed shower trays are incredibly easy to install. This is because they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and models that have been manufactured with ease of install in mind. In a typical shower installation, you’ll often be working with a tight space, predetermined plumbing routes and electrical outlets, as well as various regulations. By using a preformed shower tray, you can guarantee it will easily and seamlessly fit in the designated space.

By utilizing a preformed shower tray, you will be saving yourself installation time and saving your client money (which they’ll be sure to thank you for). This is because utilizing a shower tray that fits your client’s needs is much simpler than remodeling an entire bathroom to suit the shower’s requirements.

Preformed shower trays can be purchased that require no tiling, meaning they’re already finished, or can be purchased that are ready-to-tile. If your client prefers a tile floor, solid bases may not be the best choice. If your client prefers a more modern and upscale look, ready-made trays can be a great choice. Whichever option your client chooses, they’ll be sure to have a beautiful and functional walk-in shower, and your installation will be smooth and efficient (compared to making a shower mud bed from scratch).

Buy Preformed Shower Trays Online

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