RTC Hat Trick Hybrid Diamond Polishing Pads


Achieve a high gloss finish in 3 simple steps and reduce your labor time up to 60%!

3 different pads/pack

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The innovative RTC Hat Trick Hybrid 3 Piece Wet/Dry Diamond Polishing Pad System results in a high gloss, factory-like finish in three simple steps compared to the traditional, seven step methods thereby reducing work time up to 60%. The RTC Hat Trick System can be used on marble, granite (including dark colors), , natural stone, porcelain, glass, concrete and engineered stone and can be used wet or dry (use wet only on quartz and engineered stone).

Get the shine back on your flooring with perfect polishing pads

When your flooring loses its sheen and calls for some maintenance other than deep cleaning of the grouts, the best solution is to polish the tile. The machine tile polishing pads are industrial diamonds and available in various shapes and sizes. The burnishing pads are perfect for the refurbishment of stone on the walls and floorings. 

Make a smart choice of size and grit

The tile pads for polishing come in different grits like coarse, medium, fine, and super-fine. These are commonly available in a six-inch pad size that fits all hand-held buffing machines. The polishing of walls and floor areas is a tricky task. There are places difficult to reach. So, the exact diameter of the pad and the grit type is the most significant aspect to consider before ordering. 

You can also get a massive 17-inch pad that is ideal for a weighted rotary floor machine to remove debris and restore the shine of the tiles. The standard 16-inch buffing pad is suitable for cleaning, polishing, and buffing old tiles. It fits all standardized rotary floor machines. 

The other variety is the milling pads that are coarse grits perfect for heavy cleaning of the stone floor. The milling pads are more suitable for uneven surfaces; where there is a slippage issue.

Three-step polishing solution for perfect shining tiles

When you are looking for wet 3-step machine cleaning, diamond polishing pads for porcelain are believed to be the best. These pads are of superior quality with higher performance than 7-step polishing solutions. It takes only half of your grinding time compared to 5-step polishing methods. You can choose from the different pad colors and designs to get perfectly glossy floors within no time.

The hybrid diamond polishing pad is a combination of resin and copper bond that suits concrete floor, stone flooring, and terrazzo coarse grinding. The two main components – resin and copper contribute to the sharpness of the floor that adds to the durability. You can use the hybrid polishing pad for dry grinding. The hybrid variety is intermediate between metal bond polishing pads and resin bond polishing solutions. Some of the key features are – 

  • Available in 3”/80mm, 4”/100mm diameters.
  • The thickness of the pad is 10mm or 3mm
  • Grit options 30#, 50#, 100#, and 200#
  • The working type is Dry 

Dry and wet – Solution for both

Flexible resin diamond floor polishing pads are ideal for wet and dry method types. When your floor demands aggressive cleaning for extra shine, diamond polishing is perhaps the best choice. All the polishing pads are color-coded for easy grit identification. The pads grits range from 50# to 3000# depending on the buffing type and aggressiveness of cleaning. The pads have Velcro back for easy change during the cleaning process.

Match your flooring variety with the right type of cleaning pad to get shiny and new-looking floors.

Features of porcelain tile polishing pads

  • Simple 3 step process for factory-like, high gloss finish
  • Save up to 60% in labor time when compared to traditional 7 step systems
  • Works well on natural stone, granite, porcelain, glass, quartz and engineered stone
  • Can be used wet or dry (use wet only on quartz and engineered stone)
  • Rigid and flexible backer pads available
  • The outer diameter is 4”/100mm
  • Three grit levels 1#, 2#, 3#
  • High gloss finish in less time
  • Saves up to 50% of the labor cost and time
  • Reasonable pricing for superior quality


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