RTC Hole Shot Wet Series Diamond Bits


Precision wet bit drilling featuring the Universal Drill Guide for improved accuracy!

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Item No.: HSHS14W

attribute_pa_size: 14-6mm-bit

Item No.: HSHS516W

attribute_pa_size: 516-8mm-bit

Item No.: HSHS12W

attribute_pa_size: 12-12mm-bit

Item No.: HSHS1W

attribute_pa_size: 1-25mm-bit

Item No.: HSHS138W

attribute_pa_size: 1-38-35mm-bit

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The 6 piece RTC Hole Shot Wet Series Hole Saw & Drill Kit is designed to be used with water and features the Universal Drill Guide with dual 2 ¼” suction cups which stabilize the selected bit size for more precise drilling in the targeted hole area and contains a convenient water reservoir that works well on both horizontal and vertical surfaces. The RTC Hole Shot Wet Series electroplated diamond bits easily cut through a variety of material such as hard porcelain, quarry tile, slate, ceramic, marble, travertine and granite up to 1 3/8” (35mm) thick and contain clean-out slots for easy waste removal. The bit sizes contain in the kit are ideal for installing grab bars, towel racks and shower door installations. Can be used with any handheld drill (800-2500 rpm) or drill press.

  • Use only with water
  • Easily drill through a variety of tile and stone including hard porcelain and granite
  • Universal Bit Guide features dual suction cups for more stable and precise cutting
  • Guide contains convenient water reservoir for both horizontal and vertical applications
  • Slotted bit design for easy waste removal
  • Bits sizes ideal for installing grab bars, towels racks and shower doors
  • Drill Guide works with bits from 1/8” (3mm) to 1 3/8” (35mm)
  • Includes suction drill guide for more accurate & stable bit placement
  • Individual replacement bits sold separately


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