RTC Hammerhead Multi-Use Super Scraper


Maximize power of your reciprocating saw with the HammerHead Super Scraper attachment!

1 Blade & Shank Set/pack

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Item No.: SCRHH2

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Item No.: SCRHH6

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The RTC HammerHead Super Scraper is constructed with a heat treated shank that has a 90 degree twist to maximize the power of reciprocating saws when removing thinset, linoleum, drywall mud, paint, glue and other residue from hard surfaces thereby significantly increasing productivity and speed. The shank design eliminates flexing and allows the saw to be used in an upright position as intended maximizing power to the blade and reducing fatigue.  

  • Quickly removes material from a variety of hard surfaces
  • 90 degree twist shank maximizes power to the scraper blade & reduces fatigue
  • One shank accepts 3 blade heads; replaces need for multiple tools
  • Thicker blade can be sharpened multiple times for extended use
  • Fits most reciprocating saws including cordless
  • Replacement blades available


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