RTC Hydro Sponges


Full size, super absorbent sponge for the tile professional available in discounted bulk packs!

Sold in Contractor Case and Bulk Quantities

$ ($1.05/pc) 37.25 ($1.32/pc)$ 132.00

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Item No.: SPXL-100

attribute_pa_size: extra-large-7-25x-4-5x2-100pc-pack


Item No.: SPXL-25

attribute_pa_size: extra-large-7-25x-4-5x2-25pc-box


Item No.: SPL-100

attribute_pa_size: large-6-25x-4-5x2-100pc-pack


Item No.: SPL-25

attribute_pa_size: large-6-25x-4-5x2-25pc-box


Item No.: SPM-100

attribute_pa_size: medium-6x-4x2-100pc-pack


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The RTC Hydro Sponge is a high quality, full size (7.5”X5”x 2”), super absorbent sponge with perfectly uniform rounded edges for maximum moisture absorption on a single pass and ease of use. After much research, RTC has found that aligning rows of sponges is in vacuum sealed plastic is the best way to preserve the original shape for longer periods of time and prevent mold caused by moisture that can deteriorate the sponge cells when sponges are packed in traditional burlap. The RTC vacuum sealed packaging allows sponges to regain their original shape faster, prevents moisture retention before opening and extends shelf life.

  • Professional grade, full size, super absorbent sponge
  • Perfectly rounded corners for maximum absorbency in single pass
  • Vacuum packed for extended shelf life and mold growth prevention
  • Available in convenient to handle bulk order pack sizes
  • Available in medium, large and Xtra Large sizes


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