Stone Sealer Vs Stone Enhancer

After installing stone in a home, it’s important to maintain the color and quality of the natural stone. In order to get the most from the investment, it’s crucial to prevent damage occurring to the new natural stone installation. This is done by applying a natural stone sealer and a natural stone enhancer. Both are important in maintaining stone installations, but there is a difference in their uses for natural stone.

It’s important to stop here and explain the difference between stone enhancer and natural stone sealer products.

Stone enhancers—as the name suggests—enhance the color of the stone and highlight natural features and textures. Stone enhancer products give stone tile and installations that “wet” look. It creates a shiny, reflective property in the stone, thus contributing to this look and the highlighted colors in the stone.

On the other hand, natural stone sealer products are more of a protectant from stains and other elements. Let’s say red wine spills on a stone countertop or floor. A stone sealer will prevent that liquid from seeping into the stone and permanently staining it. There are a few types of stone sealer, but most fall into two categories: penetrating and topical.

Penetrating Sealers

As you can guess, penetrating sealers penetrate the stone and block contaminants from entering the stone. These type of natural stone sealers work similarly to moisture-wicking clothes in the sense that they allow the stone to expel interior moisture and prevent other interior damages.

Experts at Tile Pro Depot recommend a reapplication every one to three years, depending on the level of traffic, how often the tile is cleaned, and the porosity of the stone.

When choosing among penetrating natural stone sealer products, you must also decide between oil-resistant and water-resistant sealers. Oil-resistant sealers are normally also resistant to both water- and oil-based liquids, while water-resistant natural stone sealers are only resistant to water-based liquid. In most situations, it’s smarter to use oil-resistant natural stone sealer products so that the stone is protected from a wide variety of spills and stains.

Topical Sealers

Although not as tough over time, topical stone sealers usually offer a non-slip coating useful in areas such as pool decks and restaurants. The layer of topical stone sealer products that sits on top of the stone—rather than penetrating it—protects against etching and foot traffic.

For aesthetic purposes, topical natural stone sealer products produce a gloss that can be buffed so a high-gloss look is achieved.

If you are looking for natural stone sealer products, peruse through the selection of products offered by Tile Pro Depot. Tile Pro Depot is a dedicated supplier of tile installation products such as natural stone sealers and enhancers to maintain and protect natural stone installations.

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