What Type of Thinset Should You Use for Porcelain Tile

What Type of Thinset Should You Use for Porcelain Tile?

When installing tile, there are a variety of bonding agents that can be used. Whether it be thinset, mastic, or epoxy, there are a number of options to consider, each with their own pros and cons.

However, when it comes to certain types of tile, it’s important to use to appropriate bonding agent, otherwise you could risk your tile not setting properly.

When it comes to thinset for porcelain tile, most people suggest using modified adhesive to achieve an optimum bond. This means if you only have non-modified thinset on hand, you’ll need to add a latex polymer admixture.

When installing porcelain tile, it’s important to note that all bonding materials have both minimum and maximum thicknesses. If your thinset is too thin it reduces bond strength. If it’s too thick it will provide inadequate compressive strength and may also cause shrinkage which can result in lippage or cracked tiles. While the thickness varies by product, the general standard is about ¼’’.

At Tile Pro Depot, we have a couple of recommendations on thinset for porcelain tile. Here they are:

Laticrete 254 PLATINUM Multipurpose Thinset Mortar

The Laticrete 254 Platinum Multipurpose Thinset Mortar is one of the best multipurpose adhesives we offer. It is a polymer-fortified thinset mortar for both interior and exterior installations that only needs to be mixed with water. It provides a long open time with amazing adhesion and workability, and it exceeds all industry strength requirements.

This adhesive is suitable for interior, exterior, and submerged applications – and it works on nearly all substrates! The outstanding bond strength and great workability of the 254 Platinum makes this thinset the ultimate adhesive for hard to bond porcelain. It also inhibits the growth of stain-causing mold and mildew in substrates with Microban® antimicrobial protection.


One of the wonderful things about the Laticrete Glass Tile Adhesive Mortar is that it can also be used when installing porcelain tile. It has an excellent workability and produces and ultra-white finish.

This mortar can be used in interior, exterior, and submerged installations, and can be used over concrete, exterior glue plywood, and a number of other substrates.

If you find yourself installing a lot of glass or porcelain tile, this Laticrete mortar is an excellent choice for those looking to save money – you can install two types of tile with the same product!

At the end of the day, the thinset you use for your porcelain tile is your preference. You may have a loyalty to a specific brand, or like how a rapid set mortar works more so than a traditional set mortar. Do some research, experiment, and learn. Over time you’ll determine what your preferred adhesive for porcelain tile installation is.

At Tile Pro Depot, we strive to carry all the products you need to complete a quality tile installation. Whether it be thinset for porcelain tile, adhesive for other tiles, underlayment, tools, or grout – we can deliver it all.

Visit our website to place an order and to view our wide selection of tile installation products, including several options for thinset for porcelain tile. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us online or by phone at 844.751.2625.

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