Installing a Floor Heating Kit

Tile and stone floors are beautiful, yet when the weather is cold outside, cool tile or stone on bare feet isn’t an ideal feeling first thing in the morning. To remedy this, a floor warming kit is a great way to add a luxurious comfort to your client’s home. No matter how chilly it is […]

How to Use Latex Additive for Mortar

Adding latex additive to your mortar is a great way to boost bond strength and increase durability against freezing and thawing. This is especially ideal for outdoor applications, like around swimming pools, or for areas of high traffic, like in a public shower or steam room. At Tile Pro Depot, we highly recommend the Laticrete […]

Add Years to Your New Flooring with Polymer Modified Thinset Mortars

As a tile installation technician, you already know the purpose of thinset. In the simplest terms, it’s the glue that sticks all the tile together and in place. However, thinset isn’t one size fits all. Some thinsets are modified while others are unmodified. So, what’s the difference? Unmodified thinset, also known as dry-set mortar, is […]