How to Use Latex Additive for Mortar

Adding latex additive to your mortar is a great way to boost bond strength and increase durability against freezing and thawing. This is especially ideal for outdoor applications, like around swimming pools, or for areas of high traffic, like in a public shower or steam room.

At Tile Pro Depot, we highly recommend the Laticrete 4237 Latex Additive. This Latex Additive for Mortar is ideal for slurry coats and mudbeds. This latex additive for thinset mortar can be used when installing ceramic tile, porcelain tile, brick, and stone on concrete, brick, block, or other masonry surfaces.

This Laticrete additive is designed to be used in conjunction with 211 powder to create a latex thinset bed up to 1/8’’ or a medium bed up to 5/8’’. The Laticrete latex additive for mortar can also be used with portland cement to make slurry bond coats as well as give enhanced performance to your thinset mortars.

This latex additive is a great choice because not only is it affordable, but it is safe and easy to use being non-hazardous and non-flammable. It’s been used in various types of applications for well over 50 years and exceeds ANSI A118.4 by 250%.

To use, ensure the surface temperatures are between 40°F and 90°F. The surface must be structurally sound and be free of all contaminants like dirt, oil, and grease. If you’re installing over concrete that is uneven or rough, smooth the surface with latex portland cement underlayment.

To mix the latex additive for thinset mortar, use approximately one gallon of the additive to every 35 pounds of 211 powder. Put the additive in a clean, plastic pail and add the 211 powder and mix until you’ve reached a smooth consistency. Let the mortar slake for five to ten minutes.

After slaking, apply the mortar with the flat side of your trowel pressing firmly. Make sure the tile is fully bedded, and ensure you’re using enough mortar to fully cover the back of the tile. Only spread as much mortar as you can tile in 15-20 minutes. If installing tiles 8’’ by 8’’ or larger, back butter them to ensure full bedding and support.

Once all tiles have been installed with the latex additive for mortar, allow to cure for a minimum of 24 hours at 70°F before grout installation. We recommend using either the Permacolor Grout or Spectralock Grout once cured.

After installation, clean tools and tile work with water while the mortar is still fresh for proper removal.

At Tile Pro Depot, we carry a variety of products to address your every need. Whether you require the basic tools for tile installation, are looking for specially colored grout, or looking for latex additive for mortar for increased bond strength – we can deliver.

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