Stone Sealer Vs Stone Enhancer

After installing stone in a home, it’s important to maintain the color and quality of the natural stone. In order to get the most from the investment, it’s crucial to prevent damage occurring to the new natural stone installation. This is done by applying a natural stone sealer and a natural stone enhancer. Both are […]

Best Heavy Duty Grout Haze Remover Best Heavy Duty Grout Haze Remover

What Removes Grout Haze from Tiles? There’s brand new tiling installed in your kitchen and bathroom, but as you admire the work, you notice there’s a hazy tint to everything. You’re sure that the tile you picked out in the store did not have this dull quality to it. As you look closer you realize […]

Heavy Duty Tile And Grout Cleaner The Best Heavy Duty Grout Cleaner

You’ve just finished a tile installation in a kitchen or bathroom after long hours of tiling and grouting to perfectly place each piece together. The grout has finally dried, and it’s time to admire your work. But after a few weeks of use, the tile and grout both look dull, lackluster, and dirty. Regular mopping […]