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  • Laticrete STRATA HEAT Wi-Fi Compatible Thermostat – (120V/240V)

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Easy Installation of Best Wireless Thermostat

We take great pleasure in bringing you our wireless thermostat that can transform your home or your office. You do not need to worry about wiring it to all the devices which you need to control using our wireless home thermostat. You can mount the device anywhere in the house that seems convenient to you, and hook up the device to all the household devices that you need to regulate. What’s more, you do not have to rush to where the thermostat is mounted, whenever you want to change anything. This is a blessing if you have a large house with several rooms or several floors.


Programming for Comfort

One of the most unique features of our wireless wifi thermostat is that it recognizes that your typical week is usually divided into workdays and weekends. So wireless home thermostat offers you a choice of two pre-set programs for the week. One of those would run on the 5 weekdays, and the other would run for the Saturday and Sunday. That is why take pride in calling this our 5-1-1 system.


Wireless Thermostat is Easy Installation

When you order our wireless thermostat, you get yourself a full five year warranty. That is the extent of our confidence on our product. The shipment containing the thermostat will also contain detailed instructions on how to install and mount the device. The battery slot in the device is easy to locate and access to when it needs replacement, and you do not have to bring down the device in order to change batteries.


Help at Hand

One of the other reasons that previous buyers have called our product the best wireless thermostat is that it is very easy to use and does not need the user to decode a lot of things to understand the way it works. When you receive the package shipped to you, we will send across our installation team to get it installed right the first time. They will also take you through the usage and the different options you can choose from.


Some Other Convenient Features of Wireless Thermostat

The display is one of the other attractive features in our wireless wifi thermostat which users have liked. You get a large screen display with clear lettering and backlit display so that you can clearly see all the numbers at all times of the day. You can also use the controls to get very precise controls on the devices you have connected. You can not only set the temperature controls up to the precise degree you need, but you can check those settings from anywhere in your house.