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Cement Based Grout Online Sale

When you are applying tiles to the floor or walls of your house, a cement based grout is very essential. Cement grout is needed to fill up the space between the wall and tiles, and make a water tight seal between the two adjacent tiles. It is also a dependable way to hold the tiles perfectly in place. Additionally, cement grout is often made in different colours, to match the colour and design of the tiles, to give an attractive look to the floor or wall. Cement based grout comes in both sanded and non-sanded varieties. You just have to mix water in the specified quantity to get the mortar ready. We have developed such a product which has been available for the last few years.


A Versatile Cement Based Grout

We are happy to introduce our cement based tile grout which has quickly gained popularity in the world of construction. You do get a slightly sandy texture in our product, although cement grout is a non-sanded product to which both sand and water need to be added. Apart from all the usual tiles available in the market, our product can also be used for grouting of marble, travertine, limestone, and slate.



We already mentioned the versatility of cement based grout. You can use cement grout in the joints of all types of tiles, and also natural stones. When you are working with ceramic tiles, vitrified tiles, or porcelain tiles, you can use cement grout to seal up the joints between them. For natural stones like marble or granite, the gaps should not be more than 5 mm in width.


Some Advantages of Cement Grout

You can use cement grout to fill up tile joints of a certain maximum width. It sets very quickly, and exhibits very low shrinkage, thereby reducing the chances of cracks developing. Most tiles made from mosaics are porous to a certain extent, just like natural stone tiles. Our cement based grout contains certain loose pigments which sink inside the stone and stain them with a certain shade.


Additional Benefits of Cement Grout

Our cement based tile grout comes to you in as many as seven shades. They are quite easy to mix and to use. It exhibits very high structural strength. Cement grout is also highly resistant to chemicals usually used at homes, like detergents, cleaners etc. That is why the grouting done with our product has been seen to last without any deterioration for a long time.

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