Remote Control Thermostat

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  • Laticrete STRATA HEAT Wi-Fi Compatible Thermostat – (120V/240V)

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What Is A Remote Control Thermostat?

A remote control thermostat is a very useful device which helps you regulate temperature. It acts like a switch which starts or stops a device to which it is connected to, when the temperature reaches a certain pre-set level. Our products provide you the convenience of having such controls even when you are not right next to the device. Our remote control thermostat is one such product which allows you to regulate your home temperature even when you are at work.


Convenient Thermostat with Wireless Remote Sensor

Our thermostat with wireless remote sensor helps you to control the temperature without having to go near the device at all. In fact, you don’t even need to be inside the house when you use our products. But when you are back home, it also doubles up as a standalone thermostat which works with the device with no remote control.


Advantages of Our Remote Control Thermostat

When you order our wifi thermostat with remote sensor, it would be shipped to you along with a set of detailed instructions on how to install and use it. The package also contains a CD with step-by-step instructions in case you find that more convenient. There are normally 4 automatic modes the user can choose from. You can program the devices for a maximum of up to seven days. There are four distinct advantages of our award winning products like the wifi thermostat with remote sensor.

  1. Our remote control thermostat can act smartly to ensure you optimize your electricity consumption. For example, when you use the remote to get the AC switched on, the first action it takes is to switch on the ceiling fans to help cool down the house a bit before the AC gets switched on. This means the AC would use less electrical power and less time to cool down the house.
  2. When you are outside the house, you would get notifications on the downloaded app or you would get text message notifications (if you are not using the app) whenever the temperature or humidity goes above or below the limits defined by you, so that you can use the remote to take corrective action.
  3. The remote control thermostat allows you to specify different temperature and humidity limits for different rooms and areas of the house.
  4. Your remote does not only regulate temperature and humidity control. When you notify through the device that you are on your way home, the outside lights including the porch, driveway and garage door lights are all switched on.