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Shower Installation Products at Tile Pro Depot


Bathrooms are the areas you’ll find yourself installing tile in the most frequently, as they’re the rooms that encounter the most moisture on a day-to-day basis. You’ll not only find yourself tiling the floors, but the walls, counters, and shower and tub area.


At Tile Pro Depot, we only carry the best products for shower installation. We sell many Laticrete products, allowing you to do a complete shower installation from the substrate up. Using these products not only results in a high-quality installation, but a rapid one, saving time and ensuring your customer is pleased with the finished result.


If you’re looking to save as much time as possible during shower installs, we recommend using preformed shower pans for tile during your installation. Here are some of their qualities:


  • Made from lightweight high-density expanded polystyrene
  • Installs in one piece and is already pre-sloped for drainage, so it eliminates the need for mud beds or pan liners
  • Can be easily resized on site to suit any project
  • Has a ready to tile waterproof surface
  • Drain is factory installed, so no assembly is required
  • Drain is made of heavy gauge stainless steel


Pairing preformed seats, benches, and niches with the preformed shower pan will make your tile install job even more efficient. These surfaces come ready to tile and are already waterproofed, all you’ll need to do is secure the preformed piece with thinset, let it cure, and start tiling. Using these ready-made, preformed products not only saves you time, but ensures a quality, uniform result every time for your customers.


When it comes to bathroom shower installations, Tile Pro Depot has all the products you need to do the job right. Whether you prefer to use preformed shower pans, benches, niches, and shelves, or you’d rather build these pieces from scratch, we’ve got you covered.