Laticrete STRATA HEAT Wi-Fi Compatible Thermostat – (120V/240V)


Control and monitor energy usage remotely with the Laticrete STRATA_HEAT  Wi-Fi Compatible Thermostat !

120V/240V 1 unit/box

$326.94 $ 306.31

Item No.: 0804-0404-TW

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The Laticrete STRATA HEAT Wi-Fi Compatible Thermostat is a programmable, easy-to-use digital thermostat that allows the user to control and monitor the thermostat remotely thereby enabling better energy efficiency.  The Laticrete STRATA HEAT Thermostat is designed for use with Laticrete STRATA HEAT Wire Mats and other floor heating systems under stone and tile floor installations. The Laticrete STRATA HEAT Thermostat is available for both 120V and 240V circuitry and offers convenient features including the ability to program the thermostat for 7 days, an On/Standby Switch, a floor sensor connector that is easily accessible, and other advanced control options that facilitate both energy savings and maximizing user comfort.

Laticrete STRATA HEAT Thermostat should only be installed by a licensed electrician. Doing otherwise will void all warranties and other manufacturing obligations. The installation of thermostat and the floor mat should be installed after the main power supply is turned off to avoid electrical shock. 

The Laticrete STRATA HEAT Thermostat, along with other high-quality floor warming products offered by Laticrete, provides tile contractors, floor retail businesses, and home builders an opportunity to up-sell a very desirable benefit to prospective tile and stone installation customers. A solution that eliminates having to walk on cold tile floors with bare feet, especially in the morning, is a much sought-after feature particularly if the potential customer has experienced a warm tile floor elsewhere. This is true not just in northern climates but anywhere where the temperature drops in the evening or where air conditioning is turned on. The A/C will cool the air in the room but also make the tile and stone uncomfortably cool to bare feet. The added convenience of the Laticrete STRATA HEAT Thermostat which can be set to turn on so the tile floor is comfortably warm prior to the floor being walked on in the morning adds to the value of the installation. The Laticrete STRATA HEAT Thermostat can be programmed to turn on at a different time each day of the week to accommodate the users’ schedule and to provide the ultimate in comfort while minimizing unnecessary use of energy. Additional energy savings can be realized because the under tile electrical heat mat system reduces the need to increase the heat flow from the central heating system into the bathroom to compensate for a cold tiled floor. Electric heat under the tile is a more economical method to provide the desired comfort.

Note: All electrical connections must be made by a licensed electrician. Failure to do so will void all warranties and claims. Comply with all applicable building and electrical codes.

  • Wi-Fi compatible for remote control and monitoring of energy usage
  • Easy to install
  • Laticrete STRATA_HEAT  Digital Thermostat is easily accessible floor sensor connector
  • 7-day programmable panel
  • On/Standby switch
  • Advanced floor control maximizes comfort and energy savings


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