Blanke SECUMAT Mat


BLANKE SECUMAT is constructed from a fiberglass reinforcing mesh embedded between two layers of polyester fabric.

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Item No.: 758-904

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BLANKE SECUMAT is a tear-resistant sandwich polyester membrane with a stable fabric-reinforcing liner used for uncoupling purposes below ceramic and natural stone coverings on wall and floor surfaces in indoor areas. It is distinguished by a low installation height and absorbs stress loads emanating from the substrate. Tensile and shear stresses are not transmitted to the upper covering.

  • Low elevation
  •  Easy to cut and install
  •  Uses less thinset than other uncoupling products
  •  Provides uncoupling crack isolation properties
  •  Approved for wood and cement substrates
  •  Approved for use of modified  thinset with porcelain tile
  •  Approved for all tile sizes including mosaics
  1. Apply loosely mixed modified thinset mortar to the substrate using a 5⁄16″ v-notched trowel.
  2. Apply blanke secumat to the substrate and embed mat with float or roller.*
  3. Work thin-set mortar into the surface of blanke secumat and set the tiles.
  4. Remember to install perimeter joints and blanke expansion joints per tcna guidelines ej171.**


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