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Install Beautiful Flooring with Mechanical Lippage Tuning

When installing a tile floor, lippage is always a concern. Lippage (differences in elevation between the edges of adjacent tile) is a sign of a poorly done job – and any tile installer worth their salt does their best to avoid it.


However, when installing large format tile (at least one edge being 15’’ or greater), lippage can be more of a concern. This is because installing large tile is a bit trickier than traditionally sized tile, because placement, adhesive coverage, and lippage all become more difficult to address.

One solution to help eliminate lippage is to utilize a lippage leveling system during installation. Many companies have developed these systems over the years, but today we’ll discuss the ones we carry at Tile Pro Depot.

Spin Doctor Tile Lippage Leveling System

The Spin Doctor lippage system is comprised of a reusable cap and post system. The cap free spins down on to the threaded post, and no additional tools are required for the installation. The caps are reusable, making this system economical and well worth the price.

DTA Lippage Leveling System

The DTA Lippage Leveling System utilizes sturdy plastic spacers and caps to hold tile in place with a gear lock strap mechanism. The spacer base is curved, so it will even out adjacent tiles of different thicknesses.

The caps can be easily tightened with the DTA Lippage Leveling Gun, and can be knocked off once the thinset is hardened and can be reused. This system reduces the need for standard spacers, and the reusable caps make this system great for those looking to save money.

Mechanical Lippage Tuning System

The MLT Lippage System consists of three major pieces: reusable caps, reusable straps, and bottom plates. This system is designed to achieve the smallest amount of waste possible, excellent for technicians looking to lower overhead.

MLT systems have three different bottom plates that are designed for porcelain, thin tile, and stone slab. These plates allow for maximum thinset coverage without any hollow spots. All of the components can be tailored to your specific job, and there are a variety of accessories available to make installation a breeze.

Purchase a Lippage Leveling System at Tile Pro Depot

At Tile Pro Depot, we pride ourselves on carrying a wide variety of tile lippage systems and accessories. Whether they be full starter kits or simply bags of caps or posts, we carry everything you need to ensure your large format tile is installed correctly without lippage.

We aim to be your one stop shop for all things tiling, and hope to encourage our current and future customers with our frequent buyer program. All you have to do is create an account and your enrollment is automatic. Start earning cash back today on your lippage leveling system purchase!

If you need assistance selecting the best mechanical lippage tuning system for your particular job, Tile Pro Depot would be happy to assist you. You can reach us online or by phone at 844.751.2625.

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