Laticrete HYDRO BAN Flange Bonded Drains – Complete Units (4″ x 4″)


The HYDRO BAN® Bonding Flange Drain both looks good and is easy to install using just thin-set! Select the Tile-In design option and the drain disappears by blending in with the floor tile!

1 drain/carton (Various grate finishes)

$ 118.91 $ 155.23

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Item No.: 9246-0404-BS-ABS

attribute_pa_color_finish: brushed-steel-abs

Item No.: 9246-0404-BS-PVC

attribute_pa_color_finish: brushed-steel-pvc

Item No.: 9246-0404-ORB-ABS

attribute_pa_color_finish: oil-rubbed-bronze-abs

Item No.: 9246-0404-ORB-PVC

attribute_pa_color_finish: oil-rubbed-bronze-pvc

Item No.: 9246-0404-PS-ABS

attribute_pa_color_finish: polished-steel-abs

Item No.: 9246-0404-PS-PVC

attribute_pa_color_finish: polished-steel-pvc

Item No.: 9246-0404-TI-PVC

attribute_pa_color_finish: tile-in-pvc

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HYDRO BAN® Bonding Flange Drain consists of a PVC or ABS Flange body, adjusting ring and a stainless steel drain assembly. The innovative HYDRO BAN® Bonding Flange Drain provides a secure method using only thin-set to bond the HYDRO BAN Water Proof Membrane that protects the shower pan to the drain flange thereby ensuring a waterproof installation. The HYDRO BAN® Bonding Flange Drain is available in either the exclusive Tile-In version that provides enhanced design options or in a polished, brushed or oil rubbed bonze finish grate design. Each 4″ x 4″ square drain integrates with the LATICRETE® Bonding flange assembly, allowing for easy connection to 2″, 3″ or 4″ outlets with no adaptors needed.

  • HYDRO BAN® waterproof membrane bonds directly to PVC or ABS flange
  • Attaches to 2″ (50 mm), 3″ (76 mm) and 4″ (102 mm) waste lines
  • Adjusts both vertically and laterally for easy installation
  • Exclusive Tile-In grate option provides for a seamless appearance, making the drain seem to disappear
  • Made from heavy duty PVC or ABS and 304 stainless steel to provide long lasting performance
  • Low-profile grate design suitable for tile thicknesses from 1/4″ to 1.25″ (6 mm – 38 mm).
  • Code approved per ASME A112.18-2-2005/CSA B125.2.05 (US and CN)
  • Compatible with LATICRETE mortar bed and HYDRO BAN waterproofing membrane providing a complete waterproof assembly and easy installation
  • Component of LATICRETE Lifetime Warranty*. Single source responsibility.
  • Made in America


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