Hydro Ban Pre Sloped Shower Pan – Flange Drain

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Save installation time and money when compared to traditional mudbed shower pan installations and achieve a perfect slope every time! Backed by the Laticrete Lifetime System Component Warranty (see warranty details).

1 Pan/carton (various sizes)

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Item No.: 9353-3648-ABS

attribute_pa_size: 36-x-48-center-drain-abs

Item No.: 9363-4848-ABS

attribute_pa_size: 48-x-48-center-drain-abs

Item No.: 9362-4848-PVC

attribute_pa_size: 48-x-48-center-drain-pvc

Item No.: 9352-3648-PVC

attribute_pa_size: 36-x-48-center-drain-pvc

Item No.: 9351-3660-ABS

attribute_pa_size: 36-x-60-center-drain-abs

Item No.: 9350-3660-PVC

attribute_pa_size: 36-x-60-center-drain-pvc

Item No.: 9371-3866-ABS

attribute_pa_size: 38-x-66-off-center-drain-abs

Item No.: 9370-3866-PVC

attribute_pa_size: 38-x-66-off-center-drain-pvc

Item No.: 9361-4860-ABS

attribute_pa_size: 48-x-60-center-drain-abs

Item No.: 9360-4860-PVC

attribute_pa_size: 48-x-60-center-drain-pvc

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While a bathroom is being tiled, not following these specifications correctly can lead to unwanted collection of water, which leads to the justification for using a pre sloped shower pan. Another solution is to use shower pans which can be installed quite easily. Tile Pro Depot presents to you our pre sloped shower pan which is very convenient to use and also prevents water accumulation because of its accurate slope. Constructed from lightweight, yet durable, high-density expanded polystyrene, the HYDRO BAN Pre-Sloped Shower Pan is 100% waterproof, ready-to-tile and comes with a drain/waste line connection already installed at the factory. Each pre sloped shower pan box kit contains one HYDRO BAN Pre-Sloped Shower Pan, one HYDRO BAN Preformed Curb and a tube of HYDRO BAN Adhesive & Sealant.

Sold separately, the HYDRO BAN Drain Grates are available in brushed, polished and oil rubbed bronze finishes. HYDRO BAN Pre-Sloped Shower Pan are available in many sizes and can be ordered with either a PVC or an ABS drain connection. (Please check with your local code official when ordering a HYDRO BAN Pre-Sloped Shower Pan to determine whether a PVC or ABS drain connection is required). HYDRO BAN Pre-Sloped Shower Pan belongs to the LaticreteHYDRO BAN family of products that provide components for rapid, high quality shower installations.The LaticreteHYDRO BAN easily eliminated the need for you to use the traditional mud bed installations. The drain assembly is factory installed and can be handled and transported easily. Manufactured entirely in the United States of America, this product complies with the specifications laid down in IAPMO-PS-46. Some of the salient features are as follows:

  • Suitable for use in all kinds of construction – Industrial, Commercial, Residential
  • This pre sloped shower pan kit is 100% waterproof
  • Immediately ready for tiling after assembly
  • Waterproofing capabilities comply with A118.10 specifications.
  • Needs to be used and installed in conjunction with LATICRETE tile and stone installation materials.
  • Enjoys lifetime warranty under the LATICRETE warranty umbrella.
  • Warranty rules are detailed in DS 230.99

One of the most important and worrisome issues to take care of while doing tiling work in a bathroom is to ensure that the floor tilesare laid with the correct slope. This is especially true in the shower area, because that is where the water most commonly accumulates several times a day, and a pre sloped shower pan could help. So the lack of a proper slope towards the drain can result in the water stagnating. In fact, the ANSI regulations (Introduction, Section 2:18) designate a shower area as a wet area precisely because of this reason – “tile surfaces that are either soaked, saturated, or subjected to moisture or liquids (usually water) such as in gang showers, tub enclosures, showers, floors adjacent to curbless showers, laundries, saunas, steam rooms, swimming pools, or exterior areas”. The slope of the shower towards the drain is a matter of reasonable simple calculations, and to avoid even this calculation, a pre sloped shower pan kit can be used. As a thumb rule, there should be a slope of a quarter of an inch for every foot.

The ANSI also stipulates in its A108.01 standards (Section 3.6.4) that the “horizontal ledges/rims shall have a slope such that any fluid on their surfaces flows toward the drain”. This is further explained in the Tile Council of North America (TCNA) Handbook by stating that “all horizontal surfaces, for example shower seats, sills, curbs etc., must slope towards drain or other surface sloped toward drain. Where present, waterproofing also must be sloped.”

  • Pre-sloped ready to tile pan eliminates need for traditional mud bed installations
  • Lightweight and durable. Easy to transport and handle during installation
  • Factory installed, code approved waterproofing meets ANSI A118.10 requirements
  • Factory installed drain assembly
  • Can quickly and easily be modified to size on site
  • Code approved, Meets IAPMO-PS-46
  • Component of LATICRETE Lifetime Warranty. Single source responsibility.
  • Made in America

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    The shower installation happened so quickly for me because of the Hydro Ban Pre Sloped Shower Pan I used. The sloping is perfect, and I have seen no water accumulation so far in the last three days of use.

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