RTC Stainless Steel Notch Trowels


Combine superior durability with unmatched comfort in this professional grade trowel!

1 trowel / pack

$ 9.95

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Item No.: TR1212SQ

attribute_pa_size: 12x12-stainless-square-notch

Item No.: TR14316V

attribute_pa_size: 14-stainless-v-notch

Item No.: TR1414SQ

attribute_pa_size: 14x14-stainless-square-notch

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The RTC Stainless Steel Notched Trowel is designed for superior durability as well as unmatched comfort. The cushioned grip features a wider trowel handle-to-spine clearance that can comfortably accommodate a variety of hand positions and reduce fatigue. The trowel features a spine reinforced with 9 welded rivet for reduced breakage and added durability.

  • Superior durability with spine reinforced by 9 welded rivets
  • Unmatched comfort with a cushioned grip and ergonomic handle
  • Available in V and Square notch shapes


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