Tile Cutter vs Wet Saw

Tile Cutter vs Wet Saw: Which Is Best for Your Project?

Explore the features of wet saw and tile cutter to make a smart choice

Are you considering revamping your bathroom tiles and looking for suitable cutters? Well, there are two top options: tile cutter and wet saw. To make a smart choice, it is essential to understand that each tool has specific qualities and is suitable for certain projects. Now, let’s get the answer to Tile Cutter vs Wet Saw: which is best for your project? Firstly, it is imperative to know the features of each tool. Let us get the details.

Tile cutter vs Wet saw – features, pros/cons

Tile cutter: A small and handy tool that resembles a car jack is the tile cutter. Place the tiles inside the cutter and then start breaking along the score line. The first setup and installation take longer for the tile cutter. It is a slower process as you can go from one tile to another. The process is straightforward but time-consuming. You place the tile inside the cutter, ensure the score is on to the tile, and then snap. Harder tiles snap improperly, or you may struggle to cut. Primo Professional Tile Cutter

However, there are many benefits of tile cutters. These are cheaper options compared to large wet saws. So, you don’t need any other tile installation tools for it. For smaller projects with limited tiles – tile cutters are perfect. Softer tiles and small tile coverage areas are ideal for tile cutters as these are portable and can easily fit in the car trunk. 

Wet saws: These are large machine-like structures that require proper know-how of the use of the tool. You need additional tile installation products to affix the entire kit. Wet saws are perfect for large projects where there is a number of tiles for cutting. The wet saw sits on a massive table on which the rotating diamond blade cuts the tiles with manual guidance.

A continuous water spray around the cutting blade ensures that the tiles do not smoke or burn. You can either connect the wet saw with a water source or get the table that comes with the water reservoir. The manual guide gives the tiles a perfect cut. These are one of the best tile cutters for commercial projects. So, if it is just a few tiles for your guest bathroom, it’s total underuse of the table. However, if you are looking at more tile, a wet saw is all you need.

Decision – which one is the best

It totally depends on the size and type of the project. For smaller projects and softer tiles where you don’t want to hire professionals from outside and handle the project at home, go for the DTA Boss Professional tile cutter. On the contrary, if the tiles are dense and require massive coverage for a large project, handling a small tool is strictly No-No. In this scenario, investing in a large wet saw to get them perfectly cut tiles is one smart choice.  

The decision is totally yours and making the prudent choice will ease the refurbishment process and make it fun and easy.

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