Features and Advantages of Laticrete STRATA_HEAT Products

Best Wireless Smart Thermostat for Your Heated Floor

Tired of walking across the cold tile floor on a frigid winter morning?

It’s something many of us living in the not-so temperate climates across the United States hate to face. But, with a heated floor you can make that harsh bit of reality a thing of the past.

At Tile Pro Depot, we help homeowners obtain the knowledge and tools needed to install heated flooring in their homes.

After the job is complete, we point our customers toward the best wireless thermostat to keep their floor climate controlled. A remote-control thermostat allows you to set the floors temperature without leaving the comfort of your warm bed. A Wi-Fi thermostat with a remote sensor ensures that your floor will always be at the right temperature.

How to Install Heated Flooring

If you are looking to turn up the heat on your tile or stone flooring, there are some things you should know before attempting an install. It is important to do the proper detailed research to understand the ins and outs of installing a floor warming kit.

At Tile Pro Depot, we recommend using a Laticrete floor warming kit. Your kit can be comprised of Laticrete Strata Heat Wire or a Laticrete Floor Warming Mat we still have some in stock but Laticrete replaced this product with the Strata Heat Mat and accompanied by one of the Laticrete thermostats we carry as well.

The Laticrete Floor Warming Mat  Strata Heat Mat is available in a large array of sizes including 1 ft., 1.5 ft., and 3 ft. widths at various lengths and 150 Sq ft roll; panels. The mat is also available in 120V and 240V options, allowing you to select what your client needs.

The low-profile wire is undetectable beneath tile and stone flooring, and it has a self-adhesive mesh backing to make installation all the easier. The mat is designed to work perfectly with 254 Platinum, 86 LATILEVEL, and SPECTRALOCK PRO premium grout or SPECTRACLOK PRO grout.

Laticrete Strata Heat Wire is ideal for irregular floor plan arrangements, as you can weave the wire where it’s needed. This heat wire is also great for both commercial and residential installations and is offered in both 120V and 240V options and various lengths. It’s also suitable underneath a variety of different finished floor coverings.

When starting an electric underfloor heating kit installation project, contact the professionals at Tile Pro Depot for materials and advice. Our experts are more than happy to help you choose the materials and installation practices needed for a successful and long-lasting finished product.

The Best Wireless Smart Thermostat for Your Heated Floor

Our favorite product for controlling your heated floor in your bathroom, kitchen or wherever you have tile is the Laticrete STRATA_HEAT Wi-Fi Compatible Thermostat.  The programmable, easy-to-use digital thermostat that allows the user to control and monitor their heated floors with ease.  

The Laticrete STRATA_HEAT Thermostat is designed for use with Laticrete STRATA_HEAT Wire and Mats and other floor heating systems under stone and tile floor installations. The Laticrete STRATA_HEAT Thermostat is available for both 120V and 240V circuitry and offers convenient features including the ability to program the thermostat for 7-days, an On/Standby Switch, a floor sensor connector that is easily accessible, and other advanced control options that facilitate both energy savings and maximizing user comfort.

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