How to Remove Epoxy Grout from Tile

How to Remove Epoxy Grout from Tile

The ceramic tiles that are often subjected to different kinds of harsh materials like grease or acid is installed frequently using epoxy grout. The epoxy grouts are effectively impervious to most kinds of stains and chemicals, which makes them perfect for kitchen floors, back splashes and counters. The great thing about epoxy grout is that it is a very durable material which is completely waterproof and is capable of resisting mildew. However, this durability also makes it rather difficult to get it removed once it has dried up. Nevertheless, it is still possible to remove epoxy grout when you know the best ways to do so. By learning about how to remove epoxy grout from tiles using the right tools and products, it can be easy for you to remove all traces of epoxy grout safely without damaging the tiles in any way. Fila PS87 Gel Epoxy Grout Haze Remover

When you are wondering on how to remove epoxy grout haze, you can use the following procedure.

  • Firstly, scrape off all the high spots with loose grout by working with a wooden stick having a squared end. You can use a paint stirrer or a solid oak stick for this task. By removing sufficient amount grout with the stick, you can vacuum all the loose pieces of grout to remove them.
  • Next, scrub the grout with the help of water and a nylon scrubber. You will need to use an epoxy stripper to remove epoxy grout from thicker areas. Thinner areas can be managed with elbow grease.
  • You must apply a painter’s tape right around the cabinets, adjacent floors, protect walls, trimmed areas, appliances and all surfaces having plastic sheeting.
  • Make sure that you have sufficient ventilation in the area. You should also wear safety glasses and rubber gloves to protect your eyes and hands.
  • Use a paintbrush to apply the epoxy stripper over the grout. You can also put the epoxy stripper over the horizontal surfaces and then apply it using a paintbrush.
  • Keep the stripper solution over the grout until it has softened.
  • Work with a stiff-bristled brush for scrubbing the grout.
  • Create a solution of tri-sodium phosphate by combining it with water.
  • Apply this solution over the tile for neutralizing the stripper and then use paper towels to wipe off the tiles dry. You can use a sponge to do that with the vertical surfaces.
  • Rinse the tiles surface thoroughly with perfectly clean water and let it dry.

So if you wondering about how to remove dried epoxy grout from tile, make sure that you follow the above procedure to achieve the best results.

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