Preventing Lippage : Start with the Right Tile Leveling System Preventing Lippage : Start with the Right Tile Leveling System

What is lippage? When there is a variance in the height of two adjoining tiles, it is referred to as lippage.  The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) defines this as the ‘differences in elevation between edges of adjacent tile modules’. This definition is listed in Section 4.3.7 of the ANSI Standard A108.02. Why does lippage […]

Best Professional Tile Cutters 2019 Best Professional Tile Cutters 2019

When you are laying tiles on any part of your house, shop, or office, you must know that the tiles come in standard sizes, packed in boxes. But the same size of tile might not be the right fit in every part of the tile installation area. It is often required to cut the standard […]

Why and How to Seal Travertine Tile Why and How to Seal Travertine Tile

What is Travertine tile? The name Travertine is derived from an the Italian word called travertine. This is an amalgamation of the Italian town of Tivoli, and the Latin word Tibur, probably due to the large travertine quarries still found around Tivoli. The word travertine refers to a type of limestone which is found near […]

How much does tile installation cost per square foot How much does tile installation cost per square foot

When you are having your house newly constructed, or a new room constructed in your house as part of its extension, then the contractor would usually take care of all aspects of it, including the laying of tiles. But if you are carrying out DIY repairs or trying to lay tiles on a specific part […]

Fila PS87 Gel Epoxy Grout Haze Remover What are the epoxy grout cost per square foot

When the choice of grout for the tiling of a surface is being made, there are several considerations like ease of mixing and application, final look, longevity, effectiveness etc. But another important consideration is the cost of epoxy grout vs regular grout. That is why it is important for you to know how the calculations […]

How much Grout do I need per Square Metre Foot?

One of the construction elements that really give a makeover to your house are tiles. People use tiles to beautify kitchens, bathrooms, swimming pool areas, and even dining spaces. Each of these examples has specific utilities of using tiles, but improving the looks is one common (and sometimes unexpected) outcome of using tiles in these […]

Seal Concrete Flooring The Best Method to Seal Concrete Flooring

When you’re in the tiling business, you’ll often find yourself wearing many hats to fulfill the needs of your customers – so it wouldn’t be out of the norm to find yourself working with concrete. Concrete is known for being incredibly strong and durable. That’s why it is used in a variety of applications, however […]

Wireless and Programmable Thermostats 2019 Best Wireless and Programmable Thermostats for Home 2019

How the best wireless and programmable thermostats 2019 can help you to keep the tile flooring of your home warm Have you ever felt really irritated to find the tiled floors and walls of your home chilled during the cold wintry weather outside? If so, then you are not alone as it is a very […]