Laticrete 9235 Waterproofing Membrane Kit

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Laticrete 9235 waterproofing membrane provide ultimate water proofing protection for your most demanding continuous submersion tile installations! Have no fear doing pools, fountains, and health club showers! Laticrete 9235 waterproofing membrane kit backed by LATICRETE Lifetime System Warranty.

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Known as the “The Industry Standard”, Laticrete 9235 waterproofing membrane is specifically formulated to provide permanent waterproofing and anti-fracture protection in wet areas such as in pools, showers and spas and other continuous water submersion applications. Laticrete 9235 waterproofing membrane is suitable for tile, stone and glass mosaic installations and will bond to a wide range of substrates. Laticrete 9235 waterproofing membrane e consists of two components: a reinforcing fabric and a liquid, self-curing rubber polymer that will cure in just hours and is easily applied with brush or a paint roller forming a seamless, flexible waterproofing membrane. Laticrete 9235 WATERPROOFING MEMBRANE is accepted for shower pan applications by ICC and IAPMO; meets ANSI A118.12 and ANSI A118.10: meets all VOC requirements; and is non-hazardous.


There are certain parts of any house which are usually moist or wet for most part of the day. Think of the bathrooms, toilets, laundries, and the areas around the swimming pools. There are some things construction and design teams do so that this does not affect the rest of the house. For example, the design is made such that these wet areas do not open off living areas or other public areas of the house. Some areas which are quite sunny see house designs having such areas towards the direction getting more sun. Smart designs also put in adequate scope of ventilation in the house without compromising on privacy. This ensures that the wet areas of the house are neither too humid nor too hot.


But apart from these design moves, the construction of such areas itself needs to be done in such a way that the structure is made waterproof to the maximum extent possible. This not only protects the fabric of the building, but also prevents ingress of water from the wet areas to the other rooms. Apart from the waterproofing qualities of the building materials, another thing that needs to be taken care of is the slope the rooms which are wet areas. This would prevent the collection of water in small pools, which can lead to seepage to other parts of water. Accumulated pools of water are also a major security hazard, especially for houses which have elderly people, infants, or children.


Laticrete 9235 provides both waterproofing and crack isolation protection in a single product. It has in-plane movement up to an eighth of an inch. It provides corrosion protection to both reinforcing steel as well as concrete. It has been certified by Greenguard as safe for children and schools. It can be applied both on exterior surfaces and interior surfaces. Apart from ease of use and application, the Laticrete 9235 waterproofing membrane application can also be cleaned up easily. You don’t need to worry about the level of the surface changing too much compared to the surrounding areas. The total thickness is just about 0.02” when cured. I also contains the proprietary Microban antimicrobial protection. This keeps it safe from mold and mildew. Finally, your installation is protected by the Laticrete Lifetime System Warranty.


  • Waterproofing and crack isolation protection from one product (in-plane horizontal movement up to 1/8”)
  • Laticrete 9235 waterproofing membrane is ideal for continuous submersion applications such as in pools, showers and spas
  • Laticrete 9235 protects concrete & reinforcing steel from corrosion
  • Safe — no solvents and non-flammable; Certified Children and Schools by GREENGUARD
  • Laticrete 9235 for interior and exterior use; Vertical and horizontal surfaces (including ceilings)
  • Laticrete 9235 applies quickly with a paint brush or roller—no special mixing or application equipment needed
  • Fast cure—normally ready in hours for finishes
  • Easy cleanup—just use water while fresh
  • Thin—only 0.02″ (0.5 mm) thick when cured
  • Microban® antimicrobial protection from mold and mildew protection.
  • IAPMO and ICC Approval; Extra Heavy service rating (ASTM C627 Robinson Floor Test).
  • LATICRETE Lifetime System Warranty

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  1. 5 out of 5


    I am writing to thank you for the wonderful product (Laticrete 9235) that I ordered from your website. I used if for the swimming pool in our house, and it was wonderful!

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    it was wonderful!…. fast & efficient delivery … I definitely recommend using it!

  3. 5 out of 5


    Properly applied in conjunction with installation of stone drainage channels theLaticrete 9235 WATERPROOFING MEMBRANE KIT has performed extremely well.

  4. 5 out of 5


    It worked great, application was simple , and the results always top notch.

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