Choosing the Right Thinset Mortar for a Submerged Installation

Benefits of Choosing the Right Thinset Mortar for a Submerged Installation

When it comes to setting up a thinset for your swimming pool, it is important that you carefully select the compound as it can determine the overall performance that you get from it. One of the types of products that you can use for this purpose is a modified thinset mortar. The submerged installation should be durable and therefore you should select the material in such a way that it provides you with a lasting performance. Unless this is done in the proper manner, the water feature will lose its integrity over time and cracks may appear. A Laticrete thinset product can help you to achieve the best effect and make it possible for you to have a perfectly functioning swimming pool.

Finding the right kind of material is vital when you are going to opt for a submerged installation. It is always a good idea to work with a modified thinset mortar as they are more stable by nature. You can find numerous options for dry set mortars that can work beautifully in a swimming pool. The mortar that you choose must have high performance features that are in compliance with the highest industry standards. It is also important to consider the type of tiles that you are working with. For instance, some types of mortars work well for glass tiles whereas others are better for ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles and stone tiles.

A well-chosen thinset mortar can deliver powerful adhesion features for different kinds of surfaces and make sure that the tiles remain intact for a long period of time. The lifetime warranty that comes with such a thinset mortar can ensure superior performance at all times. These mortars can also come with antimicrobial protection that prevents the growth of mildew and mold on the surface of the substrate. Their superior shear bond strength can definitely work out well for all swimming pools.     

By opting for the Laticrete 254 Platinum multipurpose thinset mortar, you can have greater control over the outcome of the tiling project for your swimming pool. It is a polymer fortified mortar that can be used for both exterior as well as interior installation of ceramic tiles, quarry tiles, stone tiles, bricks and pavers. It is easy to use and work with and can deliver high end adhesive features. Since it can easily exceed the current strength requirements of the industry, it is nowadays used in numerous projects.

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