How to caulk like a pro

How to caulk like a pro – Tips for better results

You must have seen caulk being used along the cracks and crevices. Gaps around windows, doors, air ducts, plumbing pipes, kitchen, and bathroom, the options are just endless where caulk can be effectively used. One of the main objectives of caulking is to keep at bay messy and damaging agents that can play havoc with your home’s energy efficiency. Let us find out more about how to caulk like a pro below.

One of the best reasons for using caulk even if you do not need it right away is to keep expensive repairs at bay.

What is the cost of caulking?

Regardless of whether you are using Laticrete LATASIL Silicone Caulk & Sealant, an approximate cost is lower than what you would have had to shell out for expensive and extensive repairs.

For DIY caulking, be prepared to shell out anything between $0.05 and $0.20 per linear foot. And if you are planning to get it done by a professional, expect to pay anything between $1.25 and $4 per linear foot.

Getting ready for caulking like a pro

There are a few aspects that you must consider while you prepare to caulk like a pro. Check out these factors.

Select the appropriate kind of caulk

Different kinds of caulk serve different purposes. While few can withstand extreme temperatures, others are waterproof. Depending on what you intend to do, you have the options to select from-

  1. Acrylic latex caulk – All-purpose type, can be cleaned with water and soap, suitable for indoor projects.
  2. Butyl rubber caulk – Best for outdoors for roof repairs, gutters, and other projects.
  3. Latex silicone caulk – It is water resistant since it has a touch of silicone.
  4. Masonry repair caulk – This is ideal for stuff like stucco, brickwork, and concrete, aside from many other materials used outdoors.
  5. Refractory caulk – Best for high-temperature areas like fireplaces.
  6. Pure silicone caulk – Ideal for tubs, bathroom jobs, and showers.

Tips for applying the caulk

Although caulking appears easy, it can be deceptive, especially for beginners. Adopting the right technique will speak volumes about the same.

Check out these tips and tricks for optimum results.

  • Carry out a practice run first -Like adding ice to cake, practice a little if you have never done it before. This will help you to know the exact amount of pressure you must apply.
  • Apply light pressure but do not drag the caulk gun.
  • A steady hand is a requisite. As such, apply pressure with your arms or legs but not with your wrists.
  • Decide upon Pro versus DIY

Last but not the least, use the right kind of Laticrete LATASIL Silicone Caulk & Sealant, even if that means shelling out a few extra benjamins. This will ensure the longevity of the work and quality work at the end of the day.

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