Laticrete Permacolor Shade for Tile

Choose a Laticrete Permacolor Shade for Tile

Grout is an integral part of your tile design.

Along with holding the tile together, it can add a pleasing aesthetic if chosen and applied correctly. That is why selecting the right shade of the permacolor select grout is an important part of your next tile project. Whether in the shower or on the floor, Laticrete Permacolor will make your tile look great.

Laticrete Permacolor Grout is a high performance, fast setting grout. This Laticrete grout provides a dense, hard joint and is best suited for seams 1/16″ to 1/2″ (1.5mm – 12mm) wide on floors or walls.

There are a are variety of color options, 40 to be exact, so you can be sure you have the perfect grout to suit your preference. At Tile Pro Depot, we even provide a Laticrete grout chart so you can see the variety of choices that are available.

Choosing the right shade

With the extensive options available, choosing the right color to match your joints can be a daunting task. Your decision can drastically affect the appearance of your flooring. Choosing a complimentary or contrasting color makes a large difference in selecting your shade of grout.

Here are a few things you should do before making your color choice:

  1. Decide your tile color- This may seem like a no-brainer but until you choose your tile color, your grout choice cannot happen. Once you do decide the color, pattern and style of your tile, the grout color should appear more clearly.
  2. Choose if you want the grout to stand out- If you want the seams in between your tiles to be visible, then you will want to choose a contrasting color option for your grout. It should also be noted that it is important to consider the other styles and patterns in the room when deciding on contrasting colors.
  3. Consider the options that will blend in- No need for the grout to stand out. You will then want to choose an option that compliments your tile color. Choose a shade that will be similarly colored to your tile for a blending in effect.
  4. Pick your color- Weigh each factor that is applicable to your decision, then go with the color that best suits your preferences.

Installing your grout

After your tile is laid and set, it is time to put your newly chosen Laticrete Permacolor Grout into place. Here are some tools and materials that you will need to correctly apply your grouting:

  • Mult-tool for removing old grout
  • Grout mix
  • Putty knife
  • Grout float
  • Sponge
  • Buckets to mix grout

After mixing your Laticrete Permacolor, lay it in the grout seams. Remove excess grout with your putty knife. Tamp down the mixture with your grout float. Wash away any grout residue with a damp sponge. You now have a tailored grout color to best suit your color needs.

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